Why Are Membership Sites Profitable?

Membership sites are becoming more common across the Internet on every imaginable topic or niche you can think of, from Internet marketing to dog grooming. Owners of these membership sites see the value and profitability of these sites, so much so that many of those owners have more than one membership site, each one of which enables the owner to gain residual income from the members of those sites.

This is the main reason why membership sites are profitable – they provide residual income to you, especially if your membership site is a “pay-to-access” site (i.e. members of that site have to pay a recurring fee to continuously access the site), though free membership sites can also provide recurring income if they join your opt-in list and you are able to sell to them over and over again.

Most experienced Internet marketers know that the key to significant online profits is to get paid over and over again for work you do just once. Membership sites fit this criteria for the most part; while you do have to keep updating the website with new information about your topic or niche, the membership site can continue to endure for years as long as the software you use to create the membership site and take the recurring payments is solid and reliable. You don’t have to continuously create membership sites in order to make a recurring income from those members who wish to continue being members of that membership site.

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