What is Customer Service?

When you run a business, online or offline, the main goal is to make as much profit as you can from that business. The best way to make the most money is to have customers come back to you time and again. These recurring profits will enable your business to survive and thrive.

However, to gain those recurring customers, they need to have had a positive experience with you the first time they purchased from you. Certainly, the quality of the product has to be high for them to consider purchasing from you again, but an equally important factor is how well the customer service treated them.

Every customer wants to be treated like they are special, so they expect quality customer service and outstanding Field Service Management, so that no query of theirs goes unresolved.

If it’s an offline business, it could be answering a question about which type of product has a better performance record or aiding a customer in finding a specific item.

If it’s an online business, it could be answering a question about the compatibility of a software program working with a specific web host or helping a customer install that software on his/her web server.

Essentially, customer service is being able to help the customer get the most from his/her purchase and help potential customers gain all the information they need to make an educated purchase of a product or service. Without quality customer service, your business cannot survive and thrive in the long-term.

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