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Wallets Security

where did I put that seed phrase?

Have You Forgotten
Your Wallet Password?

Don't feel bad. Even OG's lose their wallets. I recently lost access to my MetaMask. Correction, to my company's MetaMask, with all the tokens that have been minted!

That's why I created this handy dandy worksheet to make sure you never lose your keys (or your mind).

Safely Store Your Keys

Always make sure you have your public, and private keys, as well as your seed phrase. The worksheet gives you a place to record all of these and print them out to keep in your safe.

Which Wallet Do I Need?

Unlike the wallet in your purse, you need a variety of wallets. Most NFT Marketplaces base on the Ethereum blockchain use Metamask. But for long term safety, I love Trezor.

Go Forth Safely!

The best place to store your wallet worksheets is a bank safe deposit box, but a home safe will also work, especially if you want easier access. Once you have registered your wallets and secured your keys, you are ready to go explore!

Keep Your Wallet Safe!

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Diving into Crypto reqquires personal responsibility and self reliance! That’s why I developed the Crypto Wallet Security Worksheet! You can download it free by filling in the form below!