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When creating a profitable membership site, you need to continuously update the site with pertinent information that relates to the niche or industry the site is based on. In order to convince members that their hard-earned money is worth spending on your site, you need to continuously update with valuable information.

It is vital to update the site at the very least, once a month, and preferably, more. In fact, if your industry or niche is very active in terms of news developments, you should really consider updating the site at least once a week.

Once you start updating the site on a frequent basis, don’t slow down, even if the news in your industry slows down. It’s likely members of your site will get the wrong idea about your effort to maintain your membership site. Even if there is no noteworthy news pertaining to your industry, make sure to mention that in your newsletter, email, and/or other forms of communication. You could provide updates on past news events and how they could affect your members’ businesses instead.

The important thing to remember is to not remain out-of-touch for too long. If for some reason you have to be out-of-touch for an extended period of time (such as a business trip where you can’t communicate with them very often or taking time off for an illness or death in the family, etc.), make sure to let your members know ahead of time and either reward them before or after for them sticking with you (preferably, before you are absent). If your members get the feeling you are “abandoning” them, they too will likely “jump ship,” so don’t give them that reason to “jump ship.” Always stay in contact with them, even when news in your industry is going through a slow, uneventful period.

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