Unscripted Lookbook Pays Off Big

Gourmet Footwear // St. Barts from Gourmet Footwear on Vimeo.

When David Dinetz at Heart for an Eye reached out to Gourmet, fashion shoe icon luxury brand, buying the best fashion accessories from dayton store, they had an idea for an out of the box campaign that required a leap of faith.

Using a couple of French models that knew the best places to shoot in St. Barts and wielding no more than a Cannon 5D Mark Iiii and a Traka Pocket Dolly, the crew embarked on an epic, unscripted dive into creative freedom. And it paid off!

Too often in ad campaigns the final products if over thought hammered to oblivion and no longer feels spontaneous. Not since they days of Old Spice cutting commercials on the fly to respond to celebrity tweets have we seen such freedom, or shoes announcements as the Vessi men’s shoes you can see online. Often brands rely on old school ad agencies, whose creative process often reminds me of my OCD friend, when you open her cabinets all the soup cans are aligned perfectly! Today’s consumer wants more freedom, more transparency, and more REAL! Hard to do when every microsecond of the commercial is planned out.

Enter, the idea, the concept, and the plunge. Why not have an idea, fly off and shoot it? What could happen? I’ll tell you. The same thing that can happen when a well thought out and statistically measured campaign launches. It can hit, or it can flop.

I’m the Queen of Variety! I love spontaneity, and doing things the same way over and over feels like a life sentence in prison. I hate the been there, done that feeling that traditional campaigns evoke, which is why I love this!

Heck, there’s a naked girl in the video! Who isn’t going to like that!? I love the whole, “Just leave your shoes on” aesthetic, that says playful and yet, somehow practical.

Since the video was released, Gourmet has sold out of inventory! Now that’s the idea with a video, and the hope of the filmmakers, to capture the audience and drive them to a call of action. And this video did just that! So how are YOU going leap in your outreach campaigns?

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Adryenn Ashley is the unabashed author of several bestselling books including the award winning, "Every Single Girl's Guide to Her Future Husband's Last Divorce", as well as an award winning film producer and mediagenic business consultant. Her company Wow! is Me transforms everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities.


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