Top 10 Shameless Marketing Tips

As entrepreneurs, we all desire to grow our businesses effortlessly, not by working harder, but working smarter. If you desire more, and know you deserve more, then our program just might be for you! Here are some quick tips to get you started:

Want Some Candy? – use ethical bribes to get visitors to give you their name, email, and permission to market to them!

Infect Your Friends – to go viral, it has to be Sick, Sexy or Funny! For business, I’d stick with funny and the more original, the better.

How Easy Are You? – Google yourself and make sure that people can easily find both your email and phone number!

Say Cheese! – there are 13 different kinds of smiles, but only ONE that will show through your eyes and connect with the viewer.

Dress To Kill – not kill your career! How you present yourself is key. Polish your shoes, make sure clothes fit, and bleach your teeth.

Get Fresh! – fresh content will keep visitors coming back, hire the best website designers to give your website a new look! Limited edition marketing materials turn into collectibles…like this one!

Who Loves You Baby? – it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. Be nice, authentic, and genuinely interested in your connections.

Be Quick with the Quotes – be available when news breaks. Send story ideas to the local news with 10 tips, questions, or key talking points!

Dig Deep – How long has it been since you’ve asked your PAYING customers what they need? Send a survey with a gift to find out.

Make Your Own Opportunities – showcase your talent for free on or create your own internet television show.

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