The Importance Of A USP

When creating your membership site, you need to consider how it fits into your overall business. Even if you don’t have many other websites and/or have little experience in online marketing, you need to consider what the main quality your membership site and business have that will differentiate it from other online businesses that cater to that target market. This is known as your Universal Selling Proposition (USP).

Preferably, you want this main quality to resonate throughout your entire business, not just your membership site. Whether that would be lower prices, faster-than-average service, or providing products and solutions no one else can, your USP is key to your membership site and business enduring for the long-term and standing out from the rest of the crowd online. This will enable you to gain the members you need to achieve the profits and credibility you are expecting from having your own membership site.

Often, it takes time to find out exactly what your own USP is. It has to be something that really sets you apart from the crowd and will make people from your target market remember you and even think of you when they think of that concept. If you cannot differentiate yourself from the crowd, then you likely have not found your USP. Virtually every successful business and membership site has its own USP – you just need to keep working on finding that USP that will define you and your business.

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