Small Business MBA

A wise man once said, “Steal my money and I can earn more but let no man steal my good name.”  

In today’s world where anyone or anything can be easily “Googled”, hard-earned success can be wiped out overnight if companies fail to actively manage their reputation. After all, online, we “are” what people say we are!   Now take a deep breath, and do a Google search for your company name, your domain name, and your personal name.

What do those results on the first page or two in Google look like?  Hopefully, it’s all good, but there could even be whole sites devoted to the myriad ways in which you “suck“.  

A Neilson Report shows that  “People are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive.”  So it’s not uncommon to find negative listings within the first few pages of Google, but it’s very likely that many of your customers are finding them too. And that will to have a dramatic effect on whether or not they decide to do business with you.  

If your results aren’t as good as you’d like, then my Small Business MBA might be for you!   Each cohort is a small group of business owners focused on growing their ability to create inexpensive or free leads that convert to business and streamlining their operations to save operating budget, especially now when navigating the “new normal.”  

We will cover the strategies, tools and tactics to master:  

  • The latest techniques to QUASH NEGATIVE RESULTS
  • The No-nonsense process to turn around and take control of your reputation.


  • Tools to do social media right without it taking a full-time hire
  • The vocabulary of success that converts leads into clients
  • Sales Funnels that work
  • And much much more!


  • Dealing with the polarizing effects of the election in your business
  • Reviewing vendor and service contracts to make sure you’re legally covered and own your business
  • Evaluating potential clients, partners and vendors to prevent future negative reviews (this is critical!)

And we include our enterprise-grade social media management program to run it all!  

But more than that, we will ensure that have the tools and resources to effectively manage your business through the pandemic and beyond.

You can do this. You need to do this.  

Few things are more important to your continued online success than your company’s brand. And your brand can be quickly destroyed if you’re not controlling what customers are presented with when they Google your company.  

If you are ready to become the CEO of your Small Business and start putting technology to work for you, you should join us.  The Small Business MBA is heavy on marketing and sales, yes, but its so much more than that. Feel free to stalk my LinkedIn Recommendations.

A recent one from Mark Hamade:  

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I hope you’ll see a pattern. I care about you thriving in your business and will go more than the extra mile to get you there.   If you’ve looked into business masterminds or small business accelerators, you’ll see the price tag is usually out of reach. In this economic climate that doesn’t do anyone much good. You need the knowledge in my head so I am making it easy. And the format is simple.

Besides a private group on Facebook, each week you will have:

  • A one hour 1 on 1 with me, where if you want, you can bring your staff so they can hear ideas and to do’s first hand.
  • A confidential 2 hour weekly “Mastermind” with the members of your cohort on Zoom where we will go over whatever you are struggling with.
  • Extra training and expert interviews, training on specific topics, and resources to help you overcome your challenges posted to the group for all to benefit.
  • Tech Support and tool-specific training calls so you never have to worry about not being able to use the tools.

In addition, you’ll get all the resources included in our Social Media / Online Reputation program:

  • Enterprise social media management platform to manage all your social media in one place;
  • Viral social post content;
  • Editorial Calendar;
  • How to Make the Media Love You Training;
  • Monthly Group Media Strategy AMA Calls (your staff allowed to attend);

The program runs from December 2nd, 2020 to Feb 17th, 2021. We are socially distancing on zoom, but we will have an easier ability to share screens and links.

With the amount of content provided, we could easily charge $2000 per month for a program of this caliber, but we wanted to keep it affordable.

There are two ways to join. A single pay option with a discount for $1495 $995, or in 3 easy monthly installments of $695 $495.

Single Pay Option

Subscribe Now! On Sale for Cyber Monday. 

3-Pay Option


If you want to ensure that you have the tools you need to succeed in this new economy, this is for you. Space is extremely limited, and we are promoting this to our entire list, so if you know you want in, click the link below and sign up.   I look forward to serving you.