Should Newbies Open Membership Sites?

Many Internet marketers are advocating opening your own membership site. They talk about the recurring profits that can be made and the ease with which people can now open their own membership sites. While there are more software packages and platforms that will enable you to conquer the technical aspects of creating and maintaining your own membership site, there is an important consideration for newbies to think about before they open their own membership sites.

It is more likely for your membership site to be successful if you have some experience and reputation in your field or industry before deciding to open your own membership site. Complete newbies who open membership sites will likely not fare very well unless they can get many joint ventures and reputable people in that industry to advocate joining your site, and for complete newbies, that will be very difficult to accomplish. Respected experts in your industry will not promote just anyone who asks them to – it will take a major effort, especially regarding the membership site you are wanting to provide and your ability to deliver what you say you will in order for them to even consider promoting your membership site. Certainly a newbie’s lack of experience and lack of a reputation for providing past products/services will make experts hesitate to promote your site and its value. It is much easier to recruit members to your membership site by having a track record of providing quality value in the past and being reliable in providing that value. Providing ebooks and smaller-cost products over a period of time will enable you to convince reputable people in your industry and your potential target market that your membership site will be around for the long-term and will provide good value to them, not just be “here today and gone tomorrow.” This will only increase your chances of having a successful membership site and residual income for the long-term.

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