Pardoning The Sequester

Years ago, when the Supreme Court ruled that the news had an obligation to its shareholders, not to tell the truth and inform the public, TV News and journalism changed course into what we have now, more entertainment than information.

As a prime example of this, Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter to Hollywood Blvd to ask random people about the Sequester. It was a trick question. And the answers are hysterical. But it outlines the true problem with America today, the lack of any real understanding of what is going on in our government, with our economy, and how it will affect you.

Take a look and judge for yourself. And next time you feel stupid, remember, you’re not alone.

About Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the unabashed author of several bestselling books including the award winning, "Every Single Girl's Guide to Her Future Husband's Last Divorce", as well as an award winning film producer and mediagenic business consultant. Her company Wow! is Me transforms everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities.

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