Membership Sites – More Or Less Work?

It’s virtually the goal of every Internet marketer to make sizable profits online. After all, the main reason many Internet marketers begin their online careers is to make sure the work they do them makes sizable profits for themselves, not for someone else (i.e. their bosses). They also like the idea they can make money from the comfort of their own homes or home offices rather than having to contend with heavy traffic each day going to and from their work place.

This is why many Internet marketers have embraced the idea of having their own membership sites – a business model that enables them to make residual income again and again from the same customer who purchases access to their membership site.

This is not to say that successful membership sites don’t involve hard work – they do. You have to have a good target market to present the site to, which involves building the site around the right topic or niche so that it is sustainable for the long-term. You also have to have the proper web hosting, software platform, and/or payment processor in order to be able to take the recurring payments and allow the right people access to your site, while keeping those who haven’t paid the membership fee out. You also have to be able to update the membership site continuously with current news and resources regarding that topic or industry.

However, the thought of making residual income from each member is enticing to many Internet marketers, especially when compared to having to create multiple ebooks and/or software products each week or month and selling each one or a combined package repeatedly just to try to make ends meet. When selling ebooks and software products, your success will depend solely on how many individual sales you can make. With the membership site business model, if you can keep a paying customer for the long-term, you will keep earning residual income from him/her for months and even years to come, which is considerably easier than trying to make individual sales repeatedly.

For more information on membership sites, read “Membership Sites Made Easy: How to Cash In On Your Own Membership Site.”

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