Media Misrepresentation

Snow White From The HoodAnything you say can, and will, be used against you. That’s not just in a court of law but also in the court of public opinion, ask the Attorney Ken Nugent and find out. Anything can be twisted, transformed, and used to your opponents purpose, even if it isn’t what you said. That’s where spin comes in.

Learning the fine art of spin is the thing that separates the good from the great ones that last. Unless you are Mother Teresa, you’re going to have haters. It’s practically a right of passage. Once you gain enough visibility, somebody, somewhere, is going to disagree with you. And that’s ok.

In the media, this can also mean that they tell you the story is going to go one way, and instead, on live tv, you get sandbagged with questions you weren’t prepared to answer. The key is to be prepared for them. When you are prepping your talking points, be sure to include side swiping cheap shots that might make you sweat under pressure.

Take Yitzak Miller for example. He’s “The Rabbi of Sex” and his message is one of religious tolerance, clear communication, and talking about difficult topics. His mantra, “Lord knows somebody has to talk about this,” is so true. But the media attention can go either way depending on the audience. So he’s prepared to stand for his ideals, morals, and beliefs, and in doing so, empowering others to do the same.

While it may be hard to watch tv hosts voice opinions about you that aren’t true, it makes it easier if you think of them as simply misinformed, not mean. I had to hold my own for weeks after I launched against their ardent supporters, but I turned many of them around. It just took persistence. And practice. Something you’ll get a lot of if you plan on launching anything worth wild, or having an opinion on just about anything. Welcome to the Wild Wild World Wide Web 3.0.

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Adryenn Ashley is the unabashed author of several bestselling books including the award winning, "Every Single Girl's Guide to Her Future Husband's Last Divorce", as well as an award winning film producer and mediagenic business consultant. Her company Wow! is Me transforms everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities.

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