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When creating a profitable membership site, you should ask yourself, “Why would I join this membership site?” After all, this is what members of your target market will ask themselves when they consider joining your site or not.

You need to consider what will make the members of the target market pull out their credit cards or access their PayPal accounts and agree to pay a recurring fee to access your membership site. You should consider what members of your target market would want in a membership site and include those features in your site. You should conduct research, even asking for the opinions of members of that target market, on what they are looking for in such a site before creating it and offering access to it.

Additionally, you should check out other membership sites that cater to that target market. See what qualities and features they have that members of that target market want to see in such a site, as well as notice what is missing from those sites that members of that target market want. You should make sure to include those missing features and qualities in your website – this will help to convince them that they should join your membership site.

You should also consider what you’d want to see in such a membership site if you were a member of that target market. See if you can come up with other innovative features that no one else has thought of, but that would be considered to be good additions – this will likely get you noticed by target market members and by others in your industry as being an innovative thinker and your site as being different from the mainstream membership sites.

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