Long Copy Or Short Copy?

When writing up the sales letter for your membership site’s sales page, you’ll probably ask yourself, “Should I make the sales letter long or short?”

This is an age-old debate on how long the sales copy should be. There are various answers given by many Internet marketers. Some suggest that the copy should be longer because it will give out more information and benefits about your offer. Other Internet marketers suggest keeping it as short as possible so that the visitor is not bored or overwhelmed by the information you present about your offer.

Many Internet marketers seem to agree that the length of the sales copy should be determined by the price you are charging for your offer. For instance, if you are charging a small amount, a shorter sales letter would likely be more effective than a longer sales letter. Conversely, a higher-priced item would likely sell more if a longer sales letter was used, since it would provide more information and benefits that would be needed to convince the prospect that it’s worth spending a large amount of money to purchase that offer.

In the case of membership sites, most membership sites, though not all, don’t charge a tremendous amount for access – usually $19-$39/month. The tricky part is that it is a recurring fee, which isn’t often the case for most products like ebooks, software products, and scripts. That can change the complexion of the overall cost, since the cost continues to accumulate over time.

Being that your membership site will likely offer a lot of value and benefits to those prospective members, it’s likely better if you write a longer sales letter to clarify exactly what benefits and value the person will receive when he/she signs up for access to the site. The letter doesn’t have to be extremely long, but at the same time, you should be willing to give a fairly detailed description of how the features of the site are going to benefit the person when he/she joins the site. This includes learning information that will raise his/her business’ bottom line, providing new products that can be used to add additional income streams to his/her business, gaining valuable knowledge from other people in the industry that will give him/her an edge in his/her industry or niche, etc. Chances are, you won’t be able to really clarify those benefits if you write a short sales letter, so a longer sales letter would probably be in order to effectively sell access to your membership site.

For more information on writing convincing sales copy and membership sites, check out “Membership Sites Made Easy: How to Cash In On Your Own Membership Site.”

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