Keeping Members’ Interest

When creating a profitable membership site, it’s important to consider what your members will find informative and useful, as this it what will keep them as happy, paying members of your site. Obviously, this is important to the continued success of your site, as well as continued profits and a growing positive reputation for you.

Therefore, you need to consider what your members will find informative in regards to what information they will expect to see at the membership site. You should update it consistently with news and information pertinent to that industry, information that will help them be more aware of trends in that industry and information that will help them make money in that industry.

It’s important to consider how that information will be presented to them, whether it should be in ebook format, article format, autoresponder format, etc. Perhaps it should be useful software products that they can utilize or even resell. You need to determine what will best fill the needs of your members. You may be asking, “How do I find out what my members need and want?” The simplest answer to that question is to “ask them what they want.” Have a contact email address or a fill-in form on the site that they can use to contact you with their suggestions and advice on what you can do to make your membership site more useful and valuable to them. After all, they are the ones who need to benefit from belonging to your site, so obviously, you should give them means to contact you and let you know what they want to see inside your membership site.

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