Important Considerations

In creating your membership site, you need to decide whether digital products, physical products, or both will make up the product area of your membership site.

If you have digital products, you’ll need to consider the amount of bandwidth you’ll need in order to accommodate all the downloads you could be experiencing from all of your members, possibly at one time or at many peak times. If your site doesn’t have enough bandwidth to accommodate all the download requests, you could have your site crash and be out-of-service for a while, which won’t help to convince your current members to keep their memberships. It’s likely the word will spread around as well that your site can’t handle a ton of downloads at the same time, which could affect your ability to recruit new members.

You’ll also need to make sure that only your paying customers have access to the digital products contained within your membership’s site download area and no one else. That includes being able to enable access only for current members and deactivating their access if those members cancel their memberships. Fortunately, there are software programs that can enable you to achieve this without much difficulty.

If you have physical products, you need to determine whether your members will have to pay a shipping fee, and if so, how much. To help alleviate the costs, you could give them an option to download the product instead and/or to provide them with other digital products in return for them paying the shipping fee for any physical products shipped to them.

You’ll also need to make sure that your software platform can keep track of who orders physical products and their shipping information, etc. There are quality programs out there that can make this task much easier.

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