How To Create, Produce, Distribute, and PROFIT With Your Own TV Talk Show!

Listen to the brand new interview about TV Show 101 with Adryenn Ashley, interviewed by Dean Hankey – the Dean of Success!

As a business expert, you’ve done it all, blogging about your topic, being a guest on Blog Talk Radio shows, participating in tweet chats, and it works. You get to show your expertise to your ideal audience. You’ve probably even done the media circuit a time or two. But you know you were meant for more! And in today’s media marketplace, your buyers want to know more about who YOU really are. They want to feel like they know you on a personal level. and trust me, nothing does that faster than a talk show!

It’s painful to stay in the same place, even when that place is good, and profitable, once you know you were meant to do more. You have a purpose, a mission, and a destination. They call it destiny for a reason. It’s where you were meant to end up, and when you resist its like pulling away from a magnet. You have to be willing to confidently step onto the path, fully committed.

You started your business for a reason! You have passion, talent, and the world needs to know your name! That’s right, THE WORLD. And the best way to do that… TELEVISION!


Let’s face it, if you’re on television, you MUST be good! Great even! Only people who are amazing get their own TV shows! Right? You can have your book and blogs ghostwritten, and most experts can practice and be great for a 6 minute media segment, but to truly shine for a full half hour or hour long show, you have to bring it! And you can’t fake that on TV. The audience knows that too. That’s why they trust TV so much more than any other form of media. And it’s why you should add TV to your marketing mix for your business.

Caveat: Not all TV is the same. When you produce your own show, you get one thing you rarely get when you work directly with a network or studio – CONTROL! I had an inside view of a major network show, and watched the production staff change 3 times. The producers always called me because I always had just the right person they were trying to cast, but by the end I had to ask, what show is this for? The segments sounded like they should be on Jerry Springer, which wasn’t what I signed up for, for sure! That show didn’t make it! Before you go into production, be sure you have your ground rules set, know the brand image you will present and stick to your guns! This is about YOU connecting to YOUR audience! It’s intimate, personal, and yes, you can make it your way!

Years ago when I was negotiating with a major network for my own talk show, there was one particular line that just didn’t sit well with me. It said they could tell me what to say! Those of you who know me understand that I don’t even know what I’m going to say until I say it!!! At every turn the price of success seemed to be sacrificing my brand, my integrity, and my even (dare I say it…) my soul. But you don’t have to do that…


I had spent years in the film industry looking for a break, until one day, I decided to just make my own break! That leap garnered me dozens of awards and trips around the world on the festival circuit for my first indie film, and then there was more. Then when I knew I wanted to do TV, I played it straight, wrote a treatment, a sponsor package, and shopped it around. Three times my shows got swiped and ended up on TV without me. Television can be a tricky business if you don’t know where the minefields are. And, I’ll tell you a secret… TV isn’t just TV anymore! There are multiplatform opportunities that will garner you and your business far more exposure than any straight TV marketing play. The secret is in media mix!

There were a lot of stops and starts, a lot of missteps, and a lot of wasted time and money. Which is all great for you. I’ve already made the mistakes so you don’t have to. Now I’ve mapped out a winning route, the shortest distance of time and money, to get what you want accomplished. I’ve created a talk show, Wake Up!, which airs nationally, filled with leading experts in success, motivation, cooking, with real celebrities, and more! And we launched it off the Crowded Reality platform, from idea to on the air in less than 4 months, because its built just to give would be reality tv showrunners and talk show hosts like you a platform to showcase your ideas.  Now it’s your turn to show the world what you’re made of!


If you are ready to change the face of media, with a message that will shape the future of our culture, then this opportunity is for you. I invite you to join our merry band of media makers for a 12 week journey to Creating, Producing, Distributing, and Profiting from your own TV show!

This LIVE group program is 12 weeks. The program includes:

  • Marketing Strategy to find the hottest topics and niches that will excite your audience
  • How to identify your perfect partners and bring on team members to share the load
  • Resources to shortcut your production time
    • Contracts for distribution
    • Secret rate cards to distribute for less
    • Address book of acquisition execs
    • Shooting locations around the country  (greenscreen and in studio)
  • Technical Guides to get it done without wasting precious budget dollars
  • Crew Management including how to hire
  • Talent Management including how to attract the best guests
  • Sponsorship and Advertiser Acquisition so you can pay for it all
  • Weekly Calls to guide you in the process and answer any questions you have
  • Private Group Forum for instant access and support
  • Expert Interviews and Access so you know who you need on your team
  • Legal and Trademark Resources so you don’t create a stealable asset
  • Promotion Strategies to let the world know who you are and what you are talking about
  • …and so much more…

You will finish with everything you need to get your own TV talk show done and seen by YOUR audience, to drive more business to your bottom line!

This is a small group, and limited spaces are available! Only $4995 for the entire program! You can take the class from anywhere!


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