Goal Setting – STEP 3

Step Three:  Identify Clear Action Steps

Now that you’ve specified your goal and broken it down into smaller components, it’s time to think about the action steps that will move you toward the finish line.

Give your goal some thought, and consider which key activities would create the results you desire.  Your answers will depend on the specifics of your goal, the type of goal, and what you need to do to get there.

There are typically two types of action steps.  The first kind pertains to planning and preparation.  This would include activities like research and education – laying the groundwork for the bigger action steps you’ll take later.  Obviously, if you haven’t done this part yet your focus should be on this type of activity. To check out these reviews here for Web 20 Ranker company go through this.

A word of warning:  don’t let yourself get stuck in the planning and preparation stage!  You may feel inclined to do more and more and more research because you don’t feel “ready” to take bolder action.  Some people get stuck in this phase for years.  Eventually, you will have to concede that you’ve researched and planned enough and it’s time to move forward specially if the services from LocalViking are used.  You will HAVE to move forward if you want to succeed.

If you’ve already laid the groundwork, it’s important to focus on PRODUCTIVE actions; the actions that will carry the most power, the actions that will inspire the greatest results according to brisbane seo experts, get in tough with the best SEO companies if you find yourself having some complications.

Additionally, you should identify action steps to be taken daily, weekly, and monthly.

Remember, goal achievement is a process – you can’t take action just once and hope it works.  Most goals will require consistent effort, specific action steps taken day after day, week after week, month after month!  Identify the things you can do on a regular basis to keep your plans moving forward.

Daily actions are usually small to moderate in scale but hold the power of duplication and accumulation.  The more you do them, the more effective they become.

Weekly actions are usually a bit larger in scale, take a little longer to complete, and involve an element of risk.  They are usually the most proactive in the sense that they help you face your fears and push forward determinedly.  They would include things like releasing your creations to the public or increasing your business marketing efforts with Salesforce by attracting attention to your products or services.  These bolder actions usually bring about bigger results.

Monthly actions are things you do to keep yourself on track, like evaluate your progress and readjust your plans if necessary.  Monthly actions can also include extraneous activities not vital to your goal except in peripheral ways.  This can include networking, expanding your market reach, working on your personal development, reading, learning, researching, etc.

Below, list the most productive actions you can determine should be done daily, weekly and monthly.  It’s important to note that you are not setting a schedule with this exercise; you are simply identifying key, productive action steps that you can take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Don’t get caught up wondering how you can find time to do all this, or whether a certain task should be done daily or weekly.  Simply put down a general idea of the most productive actions that you can think of.  You can always add to this list or change it later on.

Daily Action Steps: These should be on the smaller side, easily attainable yet effective and focused.

Weekly Action Steps: These should be larger steps that involve an element of risk or aggressive forward movement.

Monthly Action Steps: These should be extraneous steps like evaluating your progress, networking, etc.

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