Goal Setting – STEP 2

Step Two:  Baby Steps

Every large goal is comprised of smaller parts.  Sometimes these smaller parts are different facets of a bigger goal, and sometimes they are simply identical, measured increments of the big goal. No matter the shape the key is to take baby steps.

Here’s what I mean:

A big goal like earning a college degree will have many different facets that make up the final goal, such as researching and applying to degree programs, taking and completing the required credit courses in your chosen field, completing a research project or thesis, and finally graduation.  These activities are all components of the larger goal.

A goal of losing 25 pounds will involve setting clear action steps such as eating less junk food, eating more veggies and fruit, exercising regularly – and simply repeating these SAME steps over and over until you reach your goal weight.

There are exceptions of course, depending on the specifics of your goal.  How many parts each goal has will vary widely depending on the goal itself, as well as the amount of legwork and preparation you have already done.

However, aim for a minimum of 5 smaller parts of your goal.  If you can think of more, go ahead and add them.  But start with at least five, and be as detailed as you can.  Write them down on your paper, then move on to –> STEP 3

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