Giveaway Rights Can Help Boost Your Members

In order to have a profitable membership site for the long-term, you need to be able to keep the current members you have and be able to convince people to become members to your membership site. If you cannot achieve both of these goals, you will not succeed in gaining the profits and credibility you are seeking from maintaining your own membership site. Therefore, how do you go about doing that?

One good and effective way to help you achieve both goals is to provide your current members with products that have giveaway rights. These products can be given away to other people for free.

By enabling current members to embed their affiliate links inside the ebooks, they’ll be much more willing to give the ebooks to their friends and associates. Those friends and associates will see the description and link to your site, and presuming you are providing good value to your current members, will likely subscribe to your membership site as well.

By offering your current members a percentage of the recurring membership fee, this will allow your current members to add another income stream, and a residual one at that, to their businesses, they will be much more likely to pass along the ebooks to people they know and to their own subscribers. In turn, you will gain more subscribers who can stay with you long-term and give you those profits and credibility you are seeking from maintaining your own membership site for the long-term.

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