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Many Internet marketers think that the membership site business model involves having a paid membership site where members to that site will pay a recurring fee to be able to continuously access the resources and information contained within the site. It is true that this is certainly the most popular membership site business model. However, it is not the only way to earn a profit from membership sites.

There are many Internet marketers who will allow people to access their membership sites for free. All the members have to do is to give out their names and email addresses. You may be thinking, “How can I make money from a membership site if I allow access for free?”

There are several ways you can make money from free membership sites. One way is to follow up with those members who provide their names and email addresses (provided you let them know upon sign-up that you will inform them of products, services, and/or opportunities they may find interest in from time to time). This way, you’ll be able to present them with your other products/services and products/services you promote. If your membership site provides good value to them, it’s likely they’ll check out and purchase some of your other offers, providing you with additional income streams.

Another way you can make money from free membership sites is to provide a one-time offer or two upon sign-up to the free membership site. Make the one-time offer a great value for a one-time low price; if the offer has enough value, you should get a pretty solid conversion rate and an additional profit stream or two.

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