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To create a profitable membership site for the long-term, you need a lot of targeted traffic continuously coming to your membership site’s sales page and ordering access to your site. This, in turn, will boost your member list so that you have more customers paying you residual income each payment cycle (usually monthly or annually). The question is, how do you get a lot of targeted traffic to your site?

There are many effective ways to bring targeted traffic to your site. One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site is by using paid ads which are known to increase the site’s conversion rate considerably.  The great thing about paid ads online is that users can click on these ads and go directly to your website, which means that you can track your conversion rates and ROI of your paid ads easily.

Another method is to promote your membership site in forums that relate to the topic your site is about. For instance, if you have a membership site about ranking higher in the search engines, forums on search engine marketing and even Internet marketing in general would be appropriate, check for further info.

Before you do this, however, realize that most forums will not just let you blatantly advertise your site. Instead, you need to utilize the signature files that you can include at the end of each post you make. There you can write a little description about your membership site and include a link to the sales page.

It would also be a good idea to spend some time at that forum and providing free, useful information to the members there in the appropriate threads before you really start adding your signature file to your posts. This way, the members of the forum will see you as being a valuable member of the community and not just some new member who wants to just promote his/her site. When you have shown that you can provide good value to the community, they will be much more likely to check out your site and order access to your membership site, especially since they’ll figure that the information you provide at a paid membership site will be better than the valuable information you are providing at the free forum.

Additionally, each post you make will give your site a one-way link, which will help to boost your search engine rankings. If you make ten posts, you’ll have earned 10 one-way links to your website.

For more information about membership sites, check out “Membership Sites Made Easy: How to Cash In On Your Own Membership Site.”

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