Five Ingredients to a Delicious You

What is a Delicious You? It is a way of being, with yourself, that is highly pleasing and enjoyable to you. Some of you reading this just giggled, some of you cursed at me, and some of you whispered, “I would like that but…” For all of you, and the old me, I say, it is SO possible to enjoy being you, a you that comes with more ease, satisfaction, and joy. Are you willing, even for just the time it takes to read this, explore the possibility of a more delicious you?

The first ingredient to a delicious you, is to allow you. Allowing you is about saying, “I’m here, maybe it feels like I’ve been asleep or frustrated or not really me for parts of my life but I am here, I do exist and whether I’m checked out or engaged, my life will continue so maybe now is a good time to let go of my own self judgment, whatever came before this moment, and start to make conscious choices for myself that are truly about a joyful me.” If this feels a bit heavy to you, please ask yourself if someone else’s judgment of you and your life is showing up and if it is, please ‘return’ that energy to the sender.

Now that you are allowing a little more of you, let’s add in the second ingredient- embracing your worthiness. This is the energy of “I have intrinsic value because I exist. I have this body. I have my ever-changing thoughts and feelings and I am willing to build a relationship with my quiet, knowing, vulnerable self based on respect, kindness, and gratitude.” If you are questioning this for any reason, even a reason you can’t quite articulate, would you be willing to let me be your big, out loud advocate for a few moments while you get more used to the idea of being and choosing more of you? Cultivating self-love is a practice of graceful intentions and actions. Just like any other relationship, your relationship with you takes time to create.

The third ingredient of a delicious you is expressing your gifts. I knew I was in this space when I had the awareness of, “I am so energized, I could spend hours doing this because it brings me so much satisfaction, even if I won the lottery, I would still choose this.” If you stopped yourself short here because you think you don’t have time or money or that you already have a career so why bother looking at this, perhaps expressing your gifts throughout your life may or may not be part of your career and perhaps you are already in your gifts. It took me a while to discern for myself what my innate talents and strengths are, mostly because they were the things that came most easily to me and I couldn’t wrap my mind around ‘that’ being a gift. Please know that what feeds and energizes you, and probably comes most easily, is very much a gift and contribution to those around you.

Hello ingredient four, celebrating you! It’s your birthday, it’s all about you and everyone is happy to celebrate you being you. Or it’s graduation (of any kind) and everyone is excited to acknowledge your accomplishment. Or a promotion. Or a new car. You get the idea of the energy around celebration. Now…what would it be like if you chose to cultivate that gratitude, curate that love, and create that expansive energy for yourself by acknowledging all the things (big or small because who decides what ‘s big and small anyway?) that you do and be each day? I make a ‘celebration list’ of my accomplishments throughout the month, I get pedicures and put champagne in my baths because in acknowledging and honoring me I am telling the Universe that I am willing to gift and receive at the same time.

And my last ingredient of a delicious you is appreciating others. You know those moments when someone says or does something and you expand- you have the sensation of warmth, your heart opens, you just received something yummy? What would it be like to acknowledge it to the other person? Vulnerable…yes, and if we choose to do it anyway, a gift for both of you. I recently watched a vlog from a friend of mine and was drawn into a new awareness of me, a new place of being seen that was incredibly powerful for me. I immediately shared my appreciation with him. His response was so sweet and sincere it made me realize once again that in choosing the ingredients of being delicious me, I am choosing a way of being that contributes to a more delicious world. Are you ready to choose a delicious you?

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About Dannah Lewis

Dannah Lewis is known for her bright, shiny expansive view of the world and enthusiasm for taking responsibility to create a delicious life for herself. In 2007 she left her job as a V.P. of a large banking corporation, divorced and moved from the suburbs of Tampa, FL to San Francisco, CA because she was absolutely miserable and suffocated by what everyone said was supposed to make her happy. In the past five years, with grace, a deep rooted spirituality and the knowing that life could and should be different, she has learned how to truly embrace her worthiness, express her gifts, and celebrate herself.

In 2009 she began working at The Bar Method Exercise Company and maintains her position as the marketing and communications director there today. She recently launched her own brand, Delicious LifeStyled (, a recipe box for creating a juicier story. As a Life Design Ambassador and Vlogger, Dannah facilitates one-on-one coaching courses and vlogs regularly providing insight, tips, tools and techniques to inspire and empower others to design their story in a way that is more satisfying and joyful for them.

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