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In maintaining a successful and profitable membership site, you need to continuously provide new fresh content on a regular basis. If you don’t do this, your membership numbers will decline, and eventually, your site will be a thing of the past. Therefore, you cannot fail to provide new fresh content when it is time to update your download area.

However, it’s often not easy to create brand new products. It can also get quite expensive purchasing private label rights, master resale rights, and/or resale rights products every week or every month. There has to be another way to provide compelling content for your members, right?

Fortunately, the answer is “yes.” You can enlist the help of other prominent members in your industry and similar industries to aid you in providing your members with new content via teleseminars and interviews.

By interviewing the person or people in question, you can give your members the knowledge these experts provide you on the call or teleseminar. As a result, you’d provided valuable new content for your members to enjoy and utilize.

In return for the expert(s) helping you, he/she/they will likely ask to be able to share the interview with their subscribers/customers as well. Additionally, he/she/they may ask for you to promote his/her/their products to your members. Other conditions could include offering his/her/their subscribers a special discount for access to your membership site or for higher commissions when promoting your membership site.

Any and all of these requests can be seen as reasonable because the expert or experts are providing you with new fresh content for your members. Plus, the experts’ credibility and reputation can help you gain more members to your site, thereby increasing your profits and credibility as well.

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