Death Knells Of A Membership Site

Membership sites that are successful can lead to great profits and increased reputation in your industry. While there are many examples of successful online membership sites, there are also many membership sites that have failed after a brief period of time. Why do some membership sites fail?

One key reason why some membership sites fail is because of the lack of regular updates. You need to keep a regular schedule of updating the site with new, relevant information to that industry. Members of that site need to know you are on top of things occurring in that industry. If they see you are not updating the site with relevant information and developing news topics, they’ll likely feel they’re not getting their money’s worth and cancel their subscriptions. This will lead to less profit and a declining reputation for you.

Another key reason why membership sites fail is that the long-term vision of the membership site was not well-thought out when the site was created. To really have a profitable membership site for the long-term, you need to consider what the site will look like in the future, what technologies will be relevant to the future success of the site, etc. Nowadays, audio and video are essentially a must for most membership sites; if you don’t have enough web space and the right resources to include audios and videos on your site, chances are, you’ll experience a major decline in the number of members to your site, which will eventually lead to the death of your website. Your site needs to be able to adapt with the changing times; if you don’t foresee enough of the future and plan for those inevitable changes, your site won’t last for the long-term, and as a result, you won’t gain the profits and credibility you are looking for.

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