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Online computer backup is now more important than flossing!

We’ve all heard what happens when you catch a nasty bug, and all about the ensuing chaos that goes along with laptop on the blink… but what about when it’s all just   GONE!  With the availability of high speed internet but with also a correspondingly increase in the cost of living in Sacramento because of expensive systems, there is really no excuse. That’s why you need good equipment and internet, and know that when building a new PC, a quality storage solution should be high on your list of priorities (start by looking here ) you can find it all !

And if you think it can’t happen to you, start knocking on wood.  Why am I all of a sudden a zealot preacher for backing up?  Because a friend of mine who is just barely able to manage email had her daytimer stolen, along with the contents of her desk, and her laptop.  Obviously she’s distraught, but the impact this is having on her business is even more significant than the monetary loss.  Think for a minute, if you suddenly were deprived of your laptop and all your papers, would you be able to work, function and continue to create a living?

If the answer is no, now is the time to do something about it.  Having an online computer backup plan is simple and free, since you need this computer to work and play video games with the help of mycsgoboosting services.  Using a nifty piece of software instead of IE to remember your passwords is also becoming a key ingrediant in maintaining workflow.  I know because I just had to delete all my cookies, and with that, the 280 saved passwords I had been relying on having IE take care of.

No matter what computer problem you are encountering, you can rely on PC Revive, a good repair service.

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