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We are eager to feature voices from people passionate about their zone of genius. Our mission to be a forum where experts from all around the world will exchange the latest information right from the source. We openly welcome a wide range of outside voices into our editorial mix including news, short research summaries, fact-based blog posts, interviews, trending topics, etc.

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Hello Woofy

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25 Blockchain/Crypto Venture Capital Funds

#1 Pantera Capital Location: United States Crypto/Blockchain Investments Only: Yes # of Investments: 70 Website: https://www.panteracapital.com #2 Digital Currency Group Location: United States Crypto/Blockchain Investments Only: Yes # of Investments: 110 Website: https://dcg.com #3 Polychain Capital Location: United States Crypto/Blockchain Investments Only: Yes # of Investments: 20 Website: http://polychain.capital/ #4 Fenbushi Capital Location: China Crypto/Blockchain Investments Only: Yes #…

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7 Fast Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand

I remember being a teen, going through puberty, sweating, stinky and pimpled. Even after I emerged on the other side of womanhood a beautiful young lady, those insecurities never fully went away. I spent high school feeling fat, ugly and undesirable. I looked in the mirror and didn’t see beautiful. I only saw faults, things to change, and what was wrong with this picture.

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