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To create and maintain a profitable membership site, you need much targeted traffic to reach your membership site’s sales page so that they will sign up as members, in order to accomplish this you need to find the top digital agency with This, in turn, will increase the numbers of members who are paying you each month or year to be able to access the contents of the membership site. If the number of members goes down, so do your profits, so it is vital to get more people to become members to your membership site.

However, there will be many people who will not purchase membership on their first visit to your sales page. Recent studies have shown that it takes at least 12 contacts before you can expect a person to purchase an offer, but when Posting to Social Media the movement is much faster.

Therefore, you’ll need to contact a person an average of 12 times before he/she will be willing to purchase membership to your membership site. The problem is, if your visitor leaves on the first visit, how do you expect to contact him/her again after he/she leaves?

This is where a local business online marketing team is quite useful to your business. On your sales page, you should make sure you contact the person’s name and email address so that you can follow up with him or her in the future until he/she is ready to purchase access to your membership site. If you don’t collect the person’s contact information, you’ll have no way of following up with him/her, and essentially, lose any realistic chance of having that person sign up for membership to your membership site.

For more information on autoresponder marketing and membership sites, check out “Membership Sites Made Easy: How to Cash In On Your Own Membership Site.”

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