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READ THIS!!! Movie Cloud (the site, the studio, the bank, the theater) will launch in 2013. If you desire to be one of the STARTUP INVESTORS please go to “www. MovieCloud.com” and register but only if you are an ACCREDITED INVESTOR which means you’ve either (A) made over $200,000/year Income in the past 2 years or (B) your net worth is $1,000,000….”please, no bullshitters”
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Shut Up And Do It

*** “THE $2,000 HOT TIP” *** I’m getting a little tired of everyone, talking like an adult and acting like a child, when it comes to the Film Business. Please, Please. Please. Stop (A) sending me shorts, (B) asking me to look at a trailer, (C) pitching me an idea, (D) sending me a poster, […]