About Dannah Lewis

Dannah Lewis is known for her bright, shiny expansive view of the world and enthusiasm for taking responsibility to create a delicious life for herself. In 2007 she left her job as a V.P. of a large banking corporation, divorced and moved from the suburbs of Tampa, FL to San Francisco, CA because she was absolutely miserable and suffocated by what everyone said was supposed to make her happy. In the past five years, with grace, a deep rooted spirituality and the knowing that life could and should be different, she has learned how to truly embrace her worthiness, express her gifts, and celebrate herself.

In 2009 she began working at The Bar Method Exercise Company and maintains her position as the marketing and communications director there today. She recently launched her own brand, Delicious LifeStyled (www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com), a recipe box for creating a juicier story. As a Life Design Ambassador and Vlogger, Dannah facilitates one-on-one coaching courses and vlogs regularly providing insight, tips, tools and techniques to inspire and empower others to design their story in a way that is more satisfying and joyful for them.

Five Ingredients to a Delicious You

What is a Delicious You? It is a way of being, with yourself, that is highly pleasing and enjoyable to you. Some of you reading this just giggled, some of you cursed at me, and some of you whispered, “I would like that but…” For all of you, and the old me, I say, it […]