50 Book Awards for Indie Publishers

While not a definitive list by any means, it’s a good start. Check them out, pick which ones your book would be best in, and go for it!  (I’ve personally won an IPPY and it was a great books to my ability to get media bookings). 1 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000633821 2 Axiom Business Book […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 8

Step Eight:  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! Do you see now that every goal has a clearly defined route leading to its realization?  Do you see how with a fair amount of planning and foresight, you can easily achieve any objective?  And once you get good you can kick back and let muscle memory do the heavy […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 7

Step Seven:  Evaluate Your Progress You might think that evaluation is pointless because you’ll either see results or you won’t.  Not necessarily!  Remember that goal achievement is a process and nothing is carved in stone. Sometimes you’ll notice small results, but not as much as you’d like so you need to tweak your plans slightly […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 6

Step Six:  The Right Mind-Set for Success By now you should have a clear, detailed plan for achieving your goal.  You should know exactly what you want, have a solid idea of the smaller components that make up your larger goal, have a list of specific action steps to take, and a general expectation about […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 5

Step Five:  Plan B If you’ve ever come to a screeching halt with a goal because you encountered a big obstacle, you know the importance of having an alternate plan.  As much as we’d like to hope that things will always go according to plan, we know better. Having a “Plan B” for every step […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 4

Step Four: Set a General Timeline for Completion This part of the process has the potential to fuel your efforts, or stall them completely. On one hand, setting a deadline can be incredibly motivating. It can urge you to stay focused, push yourself to work harder and smarter, and be proactive in overcoming obstacles. On […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 3

Step Three:  Identify Clear Action Steps Now that you’ve specified your goal and broken it down into smaller components, it’s time to think about the action steps that will move you toward the finish line. Give your goal some thought, and consider which key activities would create the results you desire.  Your answers will depend […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 2

Step Two:  Baby Steps Every large goal is comprised of smaller parts.  Sometimes these smaller parts are different facets of a bigger goal, and sometimes they are simply identical, measured increments of the big goal. No matter the shape the key is to take baby steps. Here’s what I mean: A big goal like earning […]

Goal Setting 2017 – STEP 1

Step One:  Specify the Goal In order to achieve any goal, you have to first know exactly what you’re trying to achieve.  And you must be SPECIFIC!  You’ve heard the saying, “What you Focus on, Expands.” This is that. Until you know what you want you will never see the opportunities that present themselves for […]

Goal Setting 2017 Style

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something but been unsure how to get started? Or maybe you set a goal and then couldn’t figure out the right actions to take? Or you set the goal, started taking action – and nothing happened. No results – zip, nada, zero. So you stand there, stationary, wondering what […]

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